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Turkey – my sweet country.. You can live all the climates during a year. Althoug it is November, it is still hot.

Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe. Ankara is the capital city. Istanbul is the most beautiful city of Turkey. It has seven geographical parts. “Lira” is the currency of Turkey.

The people in Turkey are friendly and warm. We like to help people, whenever you go to a turkish family’s house you often hear these words “please eat one more bit” or “do you want anything to eat else” or “do you want me to offer fruit.. :)” ..prepare yourself to these kind words please 🙂

Ibrahim Atali Vocational High School in Adana

Ibrahim Atali Vocational High School in Adana

This is my school: Ibrahim Atali Vocational High School is located in Adana, a city in Turkey. My school has two parts: general high school and Vocational High School.

My colleagues are aged between 15-18. It has computer room, library and gymnasium saloon. My school is near the lake.

There are many “kebap” shops arond my school. (kebap is a taraditional meal)

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