Project Meeting Report – Anykščiai, Lithuania January 27 – 31, 2014

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“Through Universal Myths, towards Eternal Truths”
4 Myths 4 Truth

Project Meeting Report

Host school:
January 27 – 31, 2014
Participants from the partner schools:
12 teachers: 2/Finland, 2/Greece, 2/Hungary, 2/Romania, 2/Portugal, 2/Turkey
28 students: 5/Finland, 5/Greece, 1/Hungary, 8/Romania, 6/Portugal, 3/Turkey
Project meeting program:
Sent to the partners on:
January 8, 2014

Activities achieved:

Activities in school:
1. Reception at school meant for meeting the partners
2. Tour of the school building
3. Integrating the project activities into the school curriculum through special lessons given by the partner schools
4. Presentation of the work done so far (presenting the brochure made by the Lithuanian team and the portfolios on the first myth of ethno-genesis by the Greek and Finnish teams)
5. Planning the activities ahead
6. Trying yourself at art (art classes given to guest students)
7. Learning to work as a team through sports activities
8. Introducing the guests to the Lithuanian history (a special report)
9. Continuing presentations of the work done so far (the portfolios on the first myth of ethno-genesis by the Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish and Lithuanian teams)

Outdoor activities:
1. Getting to know folk dances at the local Culture Centre
2. An evening devoted to the local songs performed by the local song company
3. Educational trip to the village of Niūronys for bread making traditions and a guided tour of the Horse museum
4. Guided tour of the Old Town of Vilnius
5. Guided tour of the Palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania
6. Guided tour of the Parliament of Lithuania (Seimas)
7. Meeting the local Mayor at his office
8. Getting to know the local cultural and historical heritage at Anykščiai Regional Park
9. Farewell party to introduce the local dancing companies
10. Guided tour of Anykščiai

Feedback collected through the meeting evaluation sheet
filled in by 11 guest teachers and 28 guest students.

Feedback collected :
1 (min) 2 3 4 5 (max)
The programme proposed
(average score: 4.62)
The relevance of the activities for the project aims (average score: 4.41)
The support of the host team
(average score: 4.74)
The atmosphere during the meeting
(average score: 4.59)
The communication among partners
(average score: 4.59)
The most frequent words describing the meeting:

amazing, perfect, very good meeting, excellent organization and support, great, perfect programme – not too busy, sightseeing part – boring, beautiful, unforgettable experience, great job, cold weather but warm people, a wonderful meeting in the town of angels, extraordinary hosts, friendly people, nice memories and relevant activities, hard work with excellent results, thank you for the hospitality, everything organized in a superb way, Lithuanian group always nice and willing to help, very special memories, great impression of Lithuania and its people, just wish we had gone out on field trips more often, great meeting, perfect hospitality, first class organization, wonderful hospitality, interesting and varied programme, one of the best weeks of my life, had a wonderful time, well-planned, information always provided when necessary, a lot of fun, interesting, long and tiring presentations, liked to learn about Lithuanian culture, fell in love with the city of Vilnius, boring presentations, wish the hotel service had been better – apart from this, everything was perfect, a really interesting and unique experience, wonderful people (especially the hosts)

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