LITHUANIAN NATIONAL DISHES What is to be in a country and miss trying its national dishes? Here are five most traditional and famous Lithuanian dishes one shouldn‘t miss trying while in Lithuania. Traditionally, the most important item of Lithuanian cuisine is dark rye bread. It is used more often than light wheat bread. The dough […]

MOST POPULAR SCHOOL FESTIVALS A 100 DAY PARTY AT SCHOOL  A “100 Day Party”, one of the most important celebrations in Lithuanian schools, means that only 100 days are left for the school-leavers until the exam period. It usually falls out at the end of February and is the last winter event at school. With […]

ANYKŠČIAI ANTANAS BARANAUSKAS GENERAL SCHOOL     Situated in the small spa resort of Anykščiai, in the north-east of Lithuania, the school was opened in 1980. The type of school is lower general secondary education. Compulsory education in Lithuania is meant for learners from the age of 7 to the age of 16 covering four years […]

ANYKŠČIAI  With a population of 11,000, Anykščiai is a small spa resort town in Lithuania, situated 20 miles west of Utena, the county capital. Although the first written mention of the town dates back to 1442, its first appearance on a map is tentatively dated to a much later time, about 1578. Archeological research in […]

LITHUANIA Lithuania is a small country situated in Northern Europe, the southernmost of the three Baltic states. Situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic sea, it shares borders with Latvia to the north, Belarus to the southeast, Poland and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad to the southwest. You can drive across Lithuania in 5 […]